Painting has been a long time hobby of his. He uses acrylic paints and canvas or wood on which to paint on. He has used water colours and oil paints in the past. Inspiration to him to paint comes through many forms such as works of others, movies, dreams and personal experiences.

Wave (24 x 32 inches approx.)

Waves the size of mountains in a distant planet too close to a blackhole. The gravitational pull is extremely strong creating space-time so warped that it enables high and low tides to be polar opposites. The high tide is the hight of mount Everest and the low tide is just a few feet and the time difference between the two is only minutes. Each hour on the planet is decades outside of it.

Snow (24 x 32 inches approx.)

An aurora filled mystical sky as the backdrop of a landscape covered in snow and ice with a warm and cosy wooden cabin in the centre and a red Porsche parked outside.

Russian Theatre (33 x 47 inches approx.)

Actors playing roles of characters in varying stage settings, lighting snd backdrops. the experiences are multi faceted and multi dimensional creating illusions that entertain.

Mini Cooper (24 x 32 inches approx.)

A red mini cooper displayed in a stationary position with ample light reflecting off of its surface.

Spider Man Miles (24 x 32 inches approx.)

Miles inserts the pen drive with the virus that disables the high intensity gravity machine that bends the fabric of the universe into opening up to the multiverse.

I am Iron Man (26 x 30 inces approx.)

Iron man has a heart and the constant free energy creating machine (arc reactor) that prevents the metal fragments in his chest entering his heart that also powers his suit is the very proof of it.