Issues & solutions

Boiler not firing up

If you have a pressurised system then check the pressure gauge on your boiler. If the pressure is below 1 bar then top it up using the filling loop. If this is not the case then a few sensors or the main PCB board on the boiler might need replacing.

Pressure keeps dropping

There could be a leak in the system or the boiler is loosing pressure via the overflow pipe which you should be able to access usually on the outside wall on which the boiler is hung. If it is the later then, check expansion vessel air pressure. If less than a bar and is filled with water then it needs to either be serviced or replaced and if this is not the case then pressure relief valve needs to be replaced.

If there is an actual leak in the pipework then fix leak or if it is a small leak add sealant to the system and circulate for 24h before draining.

Heaters warming up without demand when hot water tap turned on

There is a blockage in the diverter valve that keeps the heating circuit open whilst the hot water circuit is on demand. Replace diverter valve or dose system with sludge and iron oxide cleaning chemical for up to 4 weeks.

Hot water temp fluctuation

Blockage in the plate heat exchanger. Replace plate heat exchanger or try cleaning chemical as above.

Cold spots on radiator

Radiator needs bleeding to get the air out.

Just a few radiators not warming up

Radiator valves or radiator needs replacing or try cleaning chemical.

A section of the underfloor heating not warming up

One of the underfloor heating circuits have circulation issues. Check valves and actuators if they are open and working or if the underfloor heating is connected to a traditional radiator boiler system then try cleaning chemical to clear blockage.

L1/1A circulation related error codes

The pump could be seized or diverter/zone valve not functioning and needs replacing.

Hot water cylinder not working

Check the fuse or heating element or thermostat within the element needs replacing.

Wetness under ceiling under cupboards without apparent leak on pipes

This is due to condensation hot and cold pipes either touching each other or close proximity. Create gaps between pipes and use spray foam or other suitable insulation.

Ceiling under bathroom Leak

If there is a bathtub it needs to be well secured to the frame to avoid any slight movement and beading around bathtub where it meets the walls. Otherwise tank the surface under the bathtub so that the water that finds itself under the tub or shower tray wouldn’t get to the ceiling.

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