Allah Does

We are limited, so far this is but understood. We can’t do what we want for the most part. Regardless we imagine things being in our complete control. We are only given the divine power of cause and effect with respect to bettering ourselves. Everything else apart from it just happens and we are but observers.

If we can’t do everything that we want and everyone else is similar in potential to us but we imagine being in charge of the steering wheel then, what does that mean?. Someone else is in control of all aspects of life.

There is oneness when it comes to understanding how our lives are rather controlled. If what we want doesn’t happen and something else happens instead then that something else must be what someone else wants. There seems to be a pattern consistent throughout our lives of someone else being someone whom we cannot pinpoint. Therefore, we can say that someone else is hidden but yet more powerful than all of our collective wills. A God-like being. The God, and it is Allah the one.

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