Mohamed Rifdhi Nassar is a director, plumber, author and artist based in London. Most of his intellectual work was only realised after the age of 21. He is creative, dedicated and works with passion to find solutions to problems in the household. Rifdhi is also fascinated by 12th and 13th century philosophy and is a reader of physics which he also writes about in his books. He also likes researching his ancestry and family heritage.


We live in a world filled with things. It is impossible to think of a place that has nothing. Some might say space has nothing. The vacuum of space is far from having nothing. A typical region of space has infinite potential.

My question of something is rather something in a philosophical sense. What am I? What is this object here and that object there?. If one is lost for words one may refer to them as something.   

If something has value, then all such infinite somethings must equal the whole, everything! But we know that everything is not complete unless we believe that everything created its self. There is no self-creating something then there cannot be a self-creating everything. Everything is only equal to the sum of its parts.   

Everything = (total additions of something)   

Thus everything is the result of a Greater Cause. The Greater Cause cannot be constituted of somethings since then it would have to be included in everything. The Greater Cause is definitive and beyond the definitions of nothing, something, and everything. In relation to it, everything becomes nothing.   

“I am nothing”.


(From The Nordic Sea & the Middle East To Britannia)

The Nassar and Catchon (mother’s maiden name) families have recorded ancestry in the British Isles dating back three hundred years. Many Nassar’s and Catchon’s served in the British army and consequently perished during WWI and WWII in Eurasia. The majority of Catchon’s migrated to the British colonies of North America, most of their progeny live there to this day still carrying the surname Catchon (A Viking family name). The Nassar’s are mostly found in the middle east originating from Canaan, Palestine 2000 years ago and spreading across the globe.

When the Romans conquered England more than a thousand years ago the Christian (Nassar) soldiers migrated and settled in parts of the Lake District. The Catchon’s were Nordic Vikings that had settled in the region many centuries before Roman occupation and after a period of initial conflict managed to coexist with the Nassar’s.

In commemoration of the fallen Catchon’s & Nassar’s in WWI & WWII,

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