The Begining

“The beginning” has been the most important question since the inception of consciousness as we know it. Every scenario that the conscious mind is exposed to immediately asks the same question, how did I get here? as subtle as it may seem it is of most importance, the start of all things! no intelligence can have a disambiguation worthier than this. The answer of his own existence and that of the wider world is forever scouted. Why am I here? Is yet another question.

The modern forefront of science and technology takes many different paths by which to lead to a conclusion. The oldest recorded strides were made by our forefathers from Greece. They called it “Atomos”, a hypothetical beginning of all things. A point like particle indivisible by the collective forces of the whole universe. If we dwell into what they said suddenly everything would start to make some sense. Their ideas can provide us answers we never knew to exist. 

“The past cannot be forgotten, it is the very earth we stand”. 

(Rifdhi’s Atomos ISBN9781099096419)

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