Allah’s Prophet

“It is He who created you and what you do”

Who should each of us be? we all have our unique personalities and characteristics but apart from that our behaviour the way we choose to think can all be adjusted and changed if the will to do so persists.

Our maker sent guidance in the form of a human being who was the best of us and to whom the book of guidance was also revealed. He is the prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him) that walked this earth 1400 years ago with perfect conduct and moral fiber. He has been deemed the complete ideal to follow and aspire to be like by the Author of all things. The prophet’s way is the only path for the believer that believes in the One true God to gain His pleasure.

I and you can only try and also pray to God that we can also be an imitation of the perfect human being. Only with the help of Allah can we be good and be saved from bad and evil.

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