Allah’s Will

“Whatever that came to you would never have missed you, whatever missed you never would have come to you”

Everything is predetermined, what is left for us to choose is the path we take after which the events that occur are those that have already been decided prior to our choice.

There is an infinite number of paths to choose from which mainly fall into two categories, 1. the right path, 2. the wrong one. They both vary due to one’s thoughts and intentions. If one chooses to be good then one will have chosen the first path and the contrary intention is the second path. regardless of what one chooses to do the outcomes and end results and events that follow, other choices one is faced with on a chosen path is predestined and cannot be changed. One always has the choice to change his path from wrong to right and this is the power of free will given by the Devine which leads back to the two main paths above.

We can always repent and better ourselves and change our ways no matter what bad choices made in the past. We can only have what is ours in this life and nothing more and whatever is ours will indeed come to us. Therefore, take a breather and relax for everything that will happen is as Allah wills.

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