The Dark World

There is a world incoherent to us because our sight is always at a 90-degree angle to it. We are analogous to the flat people living in the book “Flatland” (Edwin A.Abott). There are beings to whom we are flat people that dwell in this world. A kind of intelligence older than the human race.

Humans being possessed, Schizophrenic, having multiple personality disorders can all be attributed to the tampering of humans by these beings. Without us, the only way by which they come into our world is as a mere shadow.

We have natural defenses that protect us from the evil influences of these beings but sometimes our actions and the actions of our parents and other outside agents (cooperations that inject certain harmful vaccines or feed us toxic GMO foods) or coming in to contact with gigabit frequency radiation causes our barriers to collapse rendering them ease of access.

In my upcoming book titled “Philosophical paradigms”, I wish to write one or more chapters about the above topic. I hope to finish it within this year.

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