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Plumbing & Heating Art

M R Nassar is constantly inspired by his work in the field of plumbing and heating to create paintings and art and also write. It is a natural disposition that has been addressed and below are a few of such expressions to appreciate. Cabin in the North An awe inspiring piece 3 x 2 1/2 […]

Allah is everything


Everything is for a reason! A man drives a taxi to make a living, a chair is made to sit on, milk and cereal is bought for breakfast…etc. Similarly what we call the world and everything that we experience in it is indeed for a reason! The reason is Allah. Without Allah noting can and […]


Allah’s Prophet

“It is He who created you and what you do” Who should each of us be? we all have our unique personalities and characteristics but apart from that our behaviour the way we choose to think can all be adjusted and changed if the will to do so persists. Our maker sent guidance in the […]



Allah forgives because we are but weak, forgetful, and dependent upon the aspects of forgiveness and guidance. To act outside the guidelines of God is to be sinful. And to always be within the boundaries of the divine order is obedience and rewarding. Mankind is in a constant battle between the two. The opportunity to […]


The Dark World

There is a world incoherent to us because our sight is always at a 90-degree angle to it. We are analogous to the flat people living in the book “Flatland” (Edwin A.Abott). There are beings to whom we are flat people that dwell in this world. A kind of intelligence older than the human race. […]

Allah is everything

Allah’s Will

“Whatever that came to you would never have missed you, whatever missed you never would have come to you” Everything is predetermined, what is left for us to choose is the path we take after which the events that occur are those that have already been decided prior to our choice. There is an infinite […]

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